Message from the President, Belle Chou

22 May


Shen Wei celebrates 30 years this May and we feel younger than ever.

The company was incorporated in California in May, 1984. My mother, Madam Kao, set up the company so my brother Willis and I could come to America for better education. The name Shen Wei came from our parents’ Chinese names. “Shen” means birth or to give rise to. “Wei” means benevolence. For three decades, we humbly focused on the manufacturing and distribution of gloves for hand protection. We set aside conventional thinking to provide incomparable products and tireless support to prosper our partners’ businesses. With that in mind, “To Promote Your Success” became our mission statement.

As a manufacturer, Shen Wei has been distinct from day one in many ways. We take pride in innovation and quality, differentiating our products from numerous Me-Too products. Each Shen Wei team member is dedicated to creating exceptional customer experiences. We feel a great sense of accomplishment when we can contribute to the success of our business partners.

Today, headquartered in California, we have 5 manufacturing facilities and two regional offices in China providing uninterrupted services 24/7 to our business partners. Our product lines have expanded from disposable medical gloves to industrial and chemical protection gloves. I am extremely grateful for our business partners’ continued support and every Shen Wei team member’s dedication and loyalty.

Shen Wei remains committed to driving innovation and growth to be a classic company that brings championed products and finest services to our business partners for the next 30 years and more.

Happy Chinese New Year 2013

9 Feb

SW wishes everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!

We wish you and your loved ones a year of happiness, good health and prosperity!

Save a Life, Wash Your Hands

27 Mar

Washing your hands before and after glove use is the simplest thing you can do to protect your health and the health of others. Using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol is an adequate substitute to clean hands, if water and soap is not available. Read more

CDC Hand Hygiene Posters

24 Oct

Found some helpful hand hygiene posters which can be downloaded and printed at:


Diabetes and Dental Diseases

2 Sep

Diabetes and Dental Diseases

Although good dental hygiene can help prevent many dental diseases it may not be enough if you suffer from diabetes. Gum disease is the most common oral disease that affects people with diabetes. Unfortunately, it is not the only one. Diabetes also makes you more susceptible to oral infections. Oral infections are caused by a group of germs that have settled in a specific area of the mouth. The symptoms of an oral infection can be quite painful, making it pretty obvious that something is wrong. If you are suffering from swollen gums and pus pockets that are red or white in color around a certain tooth or have constant pain in and around the mouth area, even spreading to the sinus area, chances are you are suffering from an oral infection and need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

Another type of infection that diabetics are prone to is thrush. This is a fungal infection that can be caused by high blood sugar and repeated antibiotic use. Thrush presents itself as white (or less often, red) patches found in the mouth that can lead to painful ulcers. Again, good dental hygiene will help to lessen the likelihood of getting thrush. If you suspect that you have thrush, see your dentist immediately.

Dry mouth is also a problem for diabetes sufferers. Some medications or high blood sugar can cause dry mouth, which can then lead to cavities. Since the mouth produces less saliva to wash out the germs and acids in your mouth, proper dental hygiene becomes more important for controlling germ buildup. Chewing sugar-free gum and drinking more fluids may help to alleviate the symptoms. If it persists, see your dentist for guidance.

As you now know, the dental hygiene advice you have been hearing for years actually makes a great deal of sense. Following a daily home dental care program and regular dental check-ups are critical for maintaining lifelong dental health and a beautiful smile.

pH Natural 5.5 Gloves Spotlighted in Dimensions Magazine Online

1 Aug

Our pH Natural 5.5 gloves are being spotlighted in Dimensions Magazine. Check it out at:

Infection Control News

22 Jun

Few Parents Enforce Shower-Before-Pool Rules that Prevent Illness from Water Parks 

Summer is here! Water parks are great attraction for families and kids to have fun and to be physically active. However, that fun may come with the risk of getting sick with infections from water, illnesses that affect over 10,000 Americans each year. The best ways to reduce the risk of infection is to make sure parents and kids shower before playing in the water. (read more)

PH Effects on Skin

Did you know to maintain healthy skin is to keep a balance pH level? The soaps, lotions, and other products you use can have an effect on the pH, and thereby the health of your skin. (read more)

Myths about wearing Braces
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