Infection Control

Medical exam gloves are an incredibly effective method of protecting yourself and your patients from the spread of harmful germs and other microorganisms when used correctly. However, when worn and used without caution, even the best medical-grade exam gloves can be rendered ineffective. Unfortunately, glove misuse is all too prevalent in healthcare facilities around the world. The following steps will help to make sure you’re taking proper precautions to maximize the effectiveness of your disposable exam gloves, and keep you and your patients safe from infection. 



 The World Health Organization recommends five key moments to wash your hands when working with a patient to maximize infection control – before patient contact, before an aseptic task, after body fluid exposure risk, after patient contact, and after contact with patient surroundings. These guidelines will help control the risks of exposure to harmful germs for both you and the patient. 

Disposable gloves are meant to be just that – disposable. Never wash and reuse gloves.  Doing so has been associated with the transmission of pathogens. Gloves should be removed and changed AFTER contact with bodily fluids, including blood, BEFORE coming in contact with a new patient, and when moving BETWEEN clean and contaminated sites on a patient. Always wash your hands before grabbing a new pair, as unwashed contaminated hands reaching into the box can contaminate entire boxes of unused disposable gloves. 

It is also important to check gloves for imperfections before each use. Although all SW gloves are rigorously checked and tested for quality control, it is a good idea to double check and make sure there are no visible tears, punctures or manufacturing defects. A halo effect may be visible around debris imbedded in glove material, which may indicate a weakened area that could fracture during use. This is sometimes found at the glove’s fingertips, where a drop of liquid material may have solidified during production. 

If you follow these best practice steps you will maximize the effectiveness of your exam gloves, and help protect yourself and your patients from the harmful spread of infection. 


SW Man Issue #2 – AloeTUFF

Last time we left off SW Man had infiltrated the port warehouse that the unnamed organization had taken over. Through the use of the VIOLEnT Blue gloves, he was able to dispatch the henchmen and thugs in the facility. SW Man was quite impressed with his handy work, but that was short lived, as a giant of a man came out of the shadows just to ruin SW Man’s day. The large grin on his face only proved to SW Man that this man enjoyed hurting people and clearly this man did not want to give him a back rub.

“Aren’t you an ugly one?” cracked SW Man with his mocking inflection. “That is definitely not a face even a mother could love.” SW Man kept the taunts flying as he thought over his inventory of SW gloves that he could possibly use to rid himself of this goliath standing before him.

The large man kept slowly walking towards our hero seeming to enjoy the build up to the confrontation, less so on the insults being thrown his direction. “Man, the closer you get to me the more pungent your stench becomes. Do you live in a dumpster, or a barn, or something?” Have you ever heard of a bath, or are you too big to fit in one? You could always jump in the ocean!” SW Man’s brain continued to process his mental database of gloves as the quips spilled from his mouth. He needed something tough to conquer this opponent. Then it struck him…the AloeTUFF glovesAloe TUFF

“Little man I am going to crush your head like a … um…like a head in my hands” grumbled the humongous creature. “Are those gloves on your head so I know where to squeeze?”

“Wow, you certainly are a wordsmith. Good to know that you are dumber than you look, and believe me, that is really saying something!” SW Man’s hands wiggled into his trusty utility belt and yanked out a pair of the AloeTUFF gloves. He pulled on the high visibility green gloves with a snap and immediately he felt the comfort of the aloe-coated, cotton flock-lining, and the surge of TUFFness overcome his body (Yeah, I said TUFFness! You know it’s extra tough when you spell it that way).

Aloe TUFFThe greens of SW Man’s costume illuminated to match the high-viz green of the AloeTUFF gloves, and the behemoth squinted to adjust to the extra brightness radiating off his adversary. “Good, now I can see you better to bash you!” The large man reached for a support beam from a broken shelf that one of his cohorts flew through not long past. The brute tapped the 40 pound beam against his hand as if it were a child’s baseball bat.

“You sound like the big bad wolf in Little Red Riding Hood!” SW Man sprang to action. In a blur of green glow, he darted away from the first swing of the giant’s makeshift club. It was evident that the mountain of a man was interested in stopping SW Man’s mouth from berating him any longer. “Clearly you aren’t the brains of this operation, so who do you work for ogre?!” Another swing, and SW Man rolled away. The beam had left a hole in the cement where he previously stood. Better the ground then my head thought the hero.

“You can find out after I smash you!” bellowed the man.

“I am not sure I understand the logic in that. It wouldn’t do me any good to find out after I have been smashed, because then I can’t save the world, and that is kind of my thing. Plus, I like being not smashed. I have grown to enjoy this state of being. So I have decided to pass on your offer. Now if you could kindly just tell me who I need to go after once I have vanquished you, that would be much appreciated.” The freak of nature seemed perplexed by the word vanquished, and assumed he was just being insulted once again. He began a torrent of swings aimed to remove the head from the body of the icon of goodness. SW Man realized that he was not going to learn anything from this man, so he better find a way to stop him.

SW Man leapt to the side of a nearby structural pillar and climbed up like a monkey. This allowed for a better avenue to scan the warehouse for an advantage. In the distance he saw a large, black SUV being staged for loading into a shipping container and that was his target. SW Man vaults to a crate in the direction of the SUV. His timing couldn’t have been any better, as the instant he departed, the giant crashed his metal beam through the concrete pillar bringing it, and pieces of the ceiling, to the ground. SW Man took this opportunity to fly through the air at the giant and land a devastating right hand to the jaw of his massive head. A normal human being would have been incapacitated by the TUFFness of this punch, but not this man. The giant wiped a trickle of blood from the corner of his mouth and let out a laugh that shook the rafters.

“Stand still little flea man!” screamed the leviathan. SW Man knew the timer was running out on this battle and he needed to end it soon. He couldn’t dodge forever, and the SUV was going to be the answer. He grabbed the bumper and lifted the vehicle into the air, feeling his muscles straining, but the TUFFness of the gloves allowed this inhuman feat. He heaved the car into the air and it slammed into the giant with great force, and a loud crash, propelling the giant and the vehicle to crash into the warehouse shelving and bringing the whole structure down on him in a burial cairn of commercial goods. There was no movement from the pile and SW Man knew that the AloeTuff gloves had worked their magic. Now he could notify the police and they could come in and clean up the mess.

Once again our hero has saved the day, but who is this dastardly organization bent on causing chaos in his world and when will they strike next? Whenever they try next SW Man will be there, with gloves at the ready, to thwart their villainous schemes. SW Gloves saving the world one pair at a time!!!

Disclaimer:  This story is for entertainment purposes.  In no way will SW Brand Gloves give you super powers, but after you use them you may feel as though they do.

Innovation through Customization

SW gloves continues to be on the forefront of offering the newest and most exciting innovative gloves on the market. Gone are the days where the choice was Latex or Nitrile? Now with more materials, colors, and additional options to choose from, you can fully customize the perfect glove for your hand. SW Gloves offers uniquely inventive coatings, from pH 5.5 which reduces perspiration, to Aloe Vera coatings, both of which have clinically tested healing properties.  Additionally, SW Gloves come in various lengths and colors, including the patented Pearlescent sheen. With the limitless number of features available your gloves can be tailored to fit your specific needs and preferences and all it will take is your imagination.

Each newsletter we plan to share more information about products, innovation and news to further acquaint you with the SW world. Check back next time for our next installment and if you have any questions, or would like to see more information about something to feature in an upcoming newsletter, please let us know.

SW Man Issue #1 – VIOLEnT Blue

“Breaking news… an unnamed organization has infiltrated the port, halting commerce in the area, and its effect is spreading throughout the states.  They have stated this is only the beginning and that they plan to infiltrate all ports in the U.S. to completely shut down the flow of commerce.  Panic is ensuing as citizens are distressed over the situation and their lack of ability to get the newest gadgets.  The government is trying to figure out a plan for the best way to handle the situation, but until now nothing has been decided…”  The mild mannered man turns off the TV and starts walking towards his closet. With the confidence only found in a superhero he exclaims “This is definitely a job for SW Man!”

SW Man pulls out his costume from the hidden panel in the back of his closet and begins to dress for action.  First he pulls on his green tights and white body armor, he then attaches the green cape of interwoven gloves that he painstakingly assembled together.  He fastens his trusty utility belt filled with gloves around his waist, slides on his gray army boots and pulls his white cowl over his head. He admires in the mirror the green gloves that extend off his head appearing to look like wings. These are nothing but a cosmetic accessory, but he found them to be too cool not to have.  Lastly, he attaches his silver shield to his shoulder with the impressive SW logo emblazoned on it to strike fear in the hearts of evildoers.  “Time to have a little fun” he says with a smirk and he bolts out the door to do what he does best.

SW Man leaves his trusty vehicle in a remote spot far enough away from the port as not to be seen on approach.  The closer he gets to the compound the more he realizes that infiltration will be a bit more difficult than he had originally thought.  He spots guards on the roofs scanning the area, spotlights search the perimeter for movement and guards patrolling the grounds.  “I think I am going to need to use my VIOLEnT Blue X5 gloves for a stealthy approach.”  SW Man slips on his gloves and the dark cobalt blue transforms his costume entirely to the dark cobalt blue color of the gloves making him nearly undetectable in the darkness.

SW Man begins ducking and dodging to avoid the illumination of the spotlights and guards alike and proceeds up the ladder situated on the side of the warehouse in the center of all the trouble.  With a noiseless approach to the men watching from the roofs, he stealthily incapacitates them before they even realize what hit them. Now he can enter the facility unimpeded, but how?  A quick scan of the now clear rooftop reveals to SW Man a skylight to be his best entrance point.  With a crash SW Man plummets to the ground amidst the broken glass of the skylight and lands on his feet with the agility of a cat.  Proud of his entrance SW Man exclaims with much gusto “It is time for this nonsense to be put to an end!  Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way. The choice is yours.”

For a few seconds there is nothing but silence as the henchmen look at the costumed hero with disbelief, but soon the silence is broken by the laughter that commences from the group as they can’t believe one man could be so crazy.  Quickly SW Man reaches into his trusty utility belt and pulls free a pair of VIOLEnt Blue S6 gloves and pulls them easily over his hands and instantly he feels a surge of energy coursing through his body.  “Nothing like an amazing pair of industrial gloves to throw down with some meatheads.  It is VIOLEnT Blue Fists of Fury time!!!”

As if on cue, a group of thugs race towards SW Man with sinister intentions.  Fists begin flashing through the air, grunts are uttered and bodies begin flying in the direction from which they came.  As quickly as the ruckus ensued it ends with the bodies of the thugs strewn across the warehouse, hanging off shelves, and laying on splintered crates.  “Is that all you got?!” screamed the SW Man with his typical bravado.

At this point the guards watching the entrance doors to the warehouse barge in to see what all the commotion is about, only to see their compatriots unconscious throughout the warehouse, and a man wearing a cape standing proudly in the midst of the wreckage.  “Don’t go near him!  Just use your guns and be done with him!” hollered one of the brighter thugs.

The warehouse was bombarded with the sounds of gunfire as the group aimed to turn the hero to Swiss cheese.  SW Man pulls his silver shield from his shoulder and stands behind it.  To his adversaries it appears to expand as he it uses it to defend himself, but that couldn’t be the case… SW Man proceeds to charge one of the nearby assailants and bash him with his shield all the while deflecting the bullets that were still coming.  Within minutes SW Man had dispatched each of the gun-wielding thugs and he was quite proud of his handy work.  “Once again SW Gloves have saved the day.”

“Not so fast itty bitty man!” became a bellowing voice from out of nowhere that sounded like it could only come from the depths of a mountain.  A giant of a man approached from the shadows.  His approach revealed an ominous sized human being to SW MAN, and SW Man isn’t a small man by any means.  “Finally I get a chance to have a little fun” rumbled the brute with a large grin.

Has SW Man finally met his match?  Has he bitten off more than he can chew?  Check in next time to see if our hero can survive this encounter…

Disclaimer:  This story is for entertainment purposes.  In no way will SW Brand Gloves give you super powers, but after you use them you may feel as though they do.

Health Care Trends in the USA

In the USA health care costs continue to rise year on year. Currently, estimates indicate that over 2.7 trillion dollars are spent annually on health care.  Although health care spending continues to increase year after year, during 2013 the growth rate was at an all-time low. In 2013 although the rate of growth was thought to have declined to 3.6%, in 2015 it is expected to increase to over 6%. The effect of this trend is already being seen in the health care Industry.

Previously, Americans who had to pay out of pocket for procedures were electing to have fewer procedures done, but with the affordable care act’s mandate for country wide health insurance, more and more people are electing to have more producers done. Furthermore the affordable care act has caused health care costs to increase at a slower rate. Essentially, there has been more spending but less costs for hospitals. This has been great news for the health care Industry and also good news for many citizens who are able to get the treatment they need but previously couldn’t afford.

As health care spending growth continues to outpace the rest of the US economy, there is no better time than now to capitalize on this trend. With the increased demand for elected procedures in the USA, there also will be an increase in demand by hospitals for materials needed for these procedures (such as gloves). In Q2 of 2014 alone, revenue increased by over 8 billion dollars, more than the previous four quarters combined.

ebola gloves

As such, hospitals have more revenue to purchase superiorly made gloves and no are moving away from purchasing low quality cheap options as during the recessionary period. As the recent Ebola outbreak highlighted, cutting corners with cheap inferior products is not an option and has come under intense public scrutiny. Today, many nurses and doctors insist on triple gloving when dealing with possible Ebola infected patients to maintain security. It is important for any supplier to have options that can protect from blood penetration, bacteria as well as liquid and gases.  When purchasing gloves make sure they have the proper ASTM level clearance to be assured of their quality and ability to protect users from any threat. Because when it comes to health, cutting corners is not an option.

Message from the President, Belle Chou


Shen Wei celebrates 30 years this May and we feel younger than ever.

The company was incorporated in California in May, 1984. My mother, Madam Kao, set up the company so my brother Willis and I could come to America for better education. The name Shen Wei came from our parents’ Chinese names. “Shen” means birth or to give rise to. “Wei” means benevolence. For three decades, we humbly focused on the manufacturing and distribution of gloves for hand protection. We set aside conventional thinking to provide incomparable products and tireless support to prosper our partners’ businesses. With that in mind, “To Promote Your Success” became our mission statement.

As a manufacturer, Shen Wei has been distinct from day one in many ways. We take pride in innovation and quality, differentiating our products from numerous Me-Too products. Each Shen Wei team member is dedicated to creating exceptional customer experiences. We feel a great sense of accomplishment when we can contribute to the success of our business partners.

Today, headquartered in California, we have 5 manufacturing facilities and two regional offices in China providing uninterrupted services 24/7 to our business partners. Our product lines have expanded from disposable medical gloves to industrial and chemical protection gloves. I am extremely grateful for our business partners’ continued support and every Shen Wei team member’s dedication and loyalty.

Shen Wei remains committed to driving innovation and growth to be a classic company that brings championed products and finest services to our business partners for the next 30 years and more.

Diabetes and Dental Diseases

Diabetes and Dental Diseases

Although good dental hygiene can help prevent many dental diseases it may not be enough if you suffer from diabetes. Gum disease is the most common oral disease that affects people with diabetes. Unfortunately, it is not the only one. Diabetes also makes you more susceptible to oral infections. Oral infections are caused by a group of germs that have settled in a specific area of the mouth. The symptoms of an oral infection can be quite painful, making it pretty obvious that something is wrong. If you are suffering from swollen gums and pus pockets that are red or white in color around a certain tooth or have constant pain in and around the mouth area, even spreading to the sinus area, chances are you are suffering from an oral infection and need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

Another type of infection that diabetics are prone to is thrush. This is a fungal infection that can be caused by high blood sugar and repeated antibiotic use. Thrush presents itself as white (or less often, red) patches found in the mouth that can lead to painful ulcers. Again, good dental hygiene will help to lessen the likelihood of getting thrush. If you suspect that you have thrush, see your dentist immediately.

Dry mouth is also a problem for diabetes sufferers. Some medications or high blood sugar can cause dry mouth, which can then lead to cavities. Since the mouth produces less saliva to wash out the germs and acids in your mouth, proper dental hygiene becomes more important for controlling germ buildup. Chewing sugar-free gum and drinking more fluids may help to alleviate the symptoms. If it persists, see your dentist for guidance.

As you now know, the dental hygiene advice you have been hearing for years actually makes a great deal of sense. Following a daily home dental care program and regular dental check-ups are critical for maintaining lifelong dental health and a beautiful smile.