How Much Do You Know About Medical Exam Gloves?

How much do you really know about medical exam gloves? We realize that this is somewhat of an odd question given that most people would respond by asking “How much IS there to know?” Well, plenty actually. Though seemingly simple in design and function, exam gloves are deceptively complex. Various components and elements go into the engineering of a simple glove, whether it’s a nitrile exam glove or a powder free latex exam glove. Test your knowledge by taking this short pop quiz on SW Gloves.

  1. What type of coatings do we never use on our nitrile exam gloves?
  2. How many international quality standards do our medical exam gloves pass or exceed?
  3. How much aloe do we guarantee in our AloeVate exam gloves?
  4. How long has SW Gloves been manufacturing examination and other types of gloves?
  5. What method of product packing is SW Gloves credited with introducing?


Answers to the above quiz:

  1. We never use silicone polymer coatings on any of our nitrile gloves.
  2. Our products pass or exceed 8 different international quality standards including those of the ASTM, EN, ISO, and JIS.
  3. For comfort, we guarantee that each of our AloeVate gloves include at least 1 gram of aloe vera per glove.
  4. SW Gloves has been in business since 1984, providing the best in medical exam gloves for 20 years now.
  5. The PACK-RITE® method of product packaging was introduced by SW Gloves allowing the convenient and safe dispensing of gloves.

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