A Drive to Protect as Best We Can

At SW Gloves, we are all about protection. Every single step of every single process to produce every single medical exam glove is done with one thought in mind: Protection. Protection against harmful materials or organics for both you and your patient and protection in high-risk environments. Our drive to protect influences every minute detail of everything we do here, and why we do it.

Our PowerForm™ line of latex and nitrile exam gloves proves that dedication to protection. With superior tensile strength and flexibility the PowerForm™ models provide exceptional barrier protection with its extended cuff length. They are ideal when extra precaution is needed in high-risk environments. Always extensively tested for quality assurance, each PowerForm™ glove not only passes the rigorous standards of SW Gloves but also exceeds the international standards of the ASTM, EN, ISO, and JIS. These gloves are the epitome of powder free latex exam gloves.

Believing your safety is our responsibility, we have been ardently focused on providing the protection that our clients have come to expect from us for 30 years now. We are the industry leader, and as such, strive to continue the commitment to creative innovation, superior products and outstanding customer service on a daily basis.


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