Hypersense S5Hypersense S5

Hypersense industrial gloves, made with soft, all-natural latex, provide a quality level of protection without sacrificing control. Hypersense gloves offer flexibility and a natural stretch for added comfort and are available in both powdered and powder-free versions.

Thickness-mil Finger Palm Cuff
4.7 4.3 3.0


  • Latex
  • Industrial Grade
  • Powder-Free



Hypersense X11+Hypersense X11+

A thicker, more durable exam glove from our popular Hypersense line, provides added protection for heavy-duty and high-risk work. Natural rubber latex offers a soft and flexible fit, and the gloves’ textured fingers provide increased grip in dry or wet conditions.

Thickness-mil Finger Palm Cuff
14.4 12.4 9.7


  • Latex
  • Medical Grade
  • Powder-Free
  • Extended Cuff 12″



SW Gloves’ new Hypersense line is manufactured with the highest quality standards in mind, providing you with an uncompromisingly supple glove, paired with incredible protection. The Hypersense line is latex, soft and flexible, and perfect for almost all applications. There are six different products, each with their own specifications. View our Hypersense collection, and contact a SW Glove Associate today to find the right glove for you.


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