SW Man Issue #5 – Hypersense

The screams of fear and excitement were all around, as well as, the other sounds that accompany amusement parks.  Our hero in his everyday alter ego was walking through the park enjoying watching all the children running around in excitement or pestering their parents to buy them some trinket, to play a game, or just for more junk food.  SW Man walked to the nearby food vendor to get himself a hot dog before he went on his next ride.  As he began eating his food he looked around for the next thrill ride.  He spotted it in the distance. A huge roller coaster called The Clown Colossus.  SW Man hated clowns, but he either ignored them or put up with them in this park because the rides were that great to him.

He stepped into line and saw the mix of fear and anticipation on the faces of the people occupying the queue.  Although the line wasn’t too long, he just hoped it would move quickly because he wanted to get as much roller coaster action as he could before he needed to leave.  SW Man was a thrill seeker, as noticed by his enthusiasm to become a superhero once he learned of his powers.

Before too long SW Man was at the front of the line and he could see the coaster cars approaching with the previous batch of riders returning.  He couldn’t help but laugh as he saw a woman rush out of the car once the safety harness retracted and smacked her guy in the shoulder and yell “You are a liar, it was much worse than you said it would be.  This is nothing like the rides at Wonder World.”

“Ha-ha what did you expect babe, this is a kid’s theme park.  You need to live a little and get your heart rate going and have some fun.  He laughed but she didn’t seem to hear or care as she was already storming away before he finished talking.  Not everyone was meant for the level of excitement of SW Man.  He knew it was going to be a long day for that poor guy.

As the safety harness came down and locked into place SW Man could hear screams coming from another section of the park and the coaster lurched forward and began its ascent out of the starting lodge.  As the park came into view SW Man noticed something very curious.  The visitors of the park were screaming and running in terror from something, but what?

The coaster reached its zenith and began crashing downward hitting the first of the three large loop-de-loops, but SW Man was no longer concerned with enjoying the ride.  Now he just wanted the ride to end so he could figure out what was creating the commotion from all the park visitors.  It was the longest ride of his life, even though the ride was over in a minute.  The coaster returned to the starting point and SW Man bolted out of the car as soon as it stopped to investigate the situation.

SW Man closed himself in a photo booth and removed his clothes revealing the white and green suit of SW Man underneath.  He took his shield from his backpack and pulled his cowl up and over his face and attached his cape of gloves to his back.  The screaming grew louder, and SW Man knew the danger must not be far.  He pulled on a pair of the Hypersense S5 gloves and instantly the greens of his outfit switched over to the natural white color of the gloves.

He stepped out of the booth and felt his senses heighten a hundred fold from the power of the Hypersense S5.  His hearing and vision immediately pointed him to the direction of the carnival section of the park. The closer he came the more the hairs on the back of his neck stood up.  Clearly his body was warning him about the presence of something sinister.  As he turned the corner he saw an evil looking clown laughing 50 yards from him. When the clown saw SW Man the laughter stopped and he ran away to a nearby building.  SW Man sensed the clown wasn’t expecting him this quickly.  SW Man ran to catch him as he realized that clown obviously had something to do with what was happening.  What WAS happening was all SW Man could think.  As much as he hated clowns he knew all the people in the park wouldn’t run from one clown.

As soon as he entered the building he regretted not looking at the sign on the outside of the building to see what source of entertainment this was.  He could see the clown everywhere he looked…The House of Mirrors… The only thing worse than seeing one clown is having to see many clowns. The clown laughed an evil cackle and his rubber nose and wig joggled, mocking the hero.  “Come get me SW Man! You will never stop us!”

“Us? Are there more of you clowns running around?”  SW Man said with a slight hint of terror in his voice.

“No, I am the only clown unless you didn’t mean that literally.  In which case there are no clowns in our organization.  We finally have a scheme to stop you SW Man!” The confidence was ringing out in his voice.

“Oh, it’s you guys again.  In that case I meant it literally and figuratively.  I really should predict these things now. What grand scheme are you hatching this time?” SW Man walked and talked his way through the maze of mirrors trying to track down the true clown.

Well, you will have to find the way out to see.” At this point SW Man was becoming annoyed dealing with the clown and he decided to use the industrial grade Hypersense S5 to start smashing the clown imaged mirrors and suddenly the clown’s smiling face turned toward a look of fear. SW Man started to feel a little bit better smashing the clown even if it was just a reflection. Suddenly the reflections of the clown disappeared and SW Man knew the clown made it to an exit. Before long, SW Man found the exit with a trail of broken glass in his wake.

Outside he heard a woman scream and he looked around to locate her.  Hiding inside a cage of a nearby ride was a woman and on the outside was a monstrous spider trying to find a way into the cage to get to its prey.  The spider had to be nearly 10 feet tall but it wasn’t the typical brown or black coloration of normal spiders, this one had translucent green legs and a solid green torso.  When SW Man approached the spider turned towards him, and horror struck him.  Not only was this a massive spider (which SW Man hated), but it had a large body segment above the spiders actual face that looked like that of a clown. “A clown Spider?!!! That is a combination of the two things that I hate the most!  How did this atrocity come to be?!”

“You have never heard of the happy face spider? Well, we made some genetic modifications to have it better suit our needs.”

“You guys really are terrorists! The world doesn’t need things like this!” SW Man was having trouble figuring out the best way to deal with this vile creature when a strand of webbing flew in his direction. He narrowly dodged out of the way and his head cleared as he was ducking behind a popcorn and cotton candy cart.  He needed the Hypersense X11+!! As that thought occurred to him his protection began flying away from him.  The spider had webbed it and pulled it out of the way, smashing it into a nearby carousel.

SW Man quickly pulled off the Hypersense S5 and pulled on the Hypersense X11+. The costume transformed to the blue of the gloves. “Thank goodness for the extended cuff of these gloves.  This clown spider gives me the heebie-jeebies.”

Another web line shot in his direction, but this time SW Man let it hit him in the chest and he began to pull.  The strength of the Hypersense X11+ allowed him to match the power of the enormous spider. The tug-o-war was a stalemate and SW Man tried to decide a better course of action to eliminate this threat. “Bingo!” SW Man began to run at the spider holding the web.  The spider became confused at this action as it wasn’t expecting its food to come to it. He leapt over the spider and began to wrap the spider up zig zagging between its legs and dodging its fangs.  Before the spider realized it SW Man pulled the web and knotted the spider’s legs together.  It fell over and hit the ground with a heavy thud.

The threat had been eliminated. SW Man had realized the creepy clown had left, living to fight another day. “You are going to make a lovely science experiment in some lab you abomination” SW Man said to the spider admiring his hog tying of the spider.

SW Man rushed over to the cage to help the woman out.  The sense of relief overwhelmed the woman as she realized she was safe. She planted a huge kiss on his lips and SW Man blushed.  It even appeared that his outfit took on a deeper shade of blue as if the costume blushed with him.  “Thank you SW Man!”

“You are welcome ma’am!  I love my job!”

Just like that SW Man had saved the day again and it was thanks to the Hypersense X11+, and the Hypersense S5.  SW Man knew he would see that clown again.  This organization really meant business and the fact that they would dare bring a clown spider to do their dirty work meant they would stop at nothing to achieve their schemes.  Thankfully, the SW gloves were always up to the task!

Disclaimer:  This story is for entertainment purposes.  In no way will SW Brand Gloves give you super powers, but after you use them you may feel as though they do.


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