SW Man Issue #4 – Supercede X8

Last we left our hero he had dispatched a mad man in a tank using the Megaman gloves, only to discover that it had been a diversion from the bigger plot from the unnamed organization. SW Man learned that the scheme was to plant a chemical bomb at the Main Street Mall, but to what end? The questions were spinning through his head as he sped to the shopping center. Are they planning to blow it up and cause chaos in his town? Are they planning a hostage scenario with this bomb?  SW Man needed to figure this out and soon.

SW Man zoomed in and out of traffic, doing his best to get there before it was too late. His approach answered one of his questions. He could see large black vehicles blocking entrances along the mall. Clearly they would not be blowing up the bomb with all their men in such close proximity. SW Man could only imagine what was happening inside, but he needed to find a way in to try to end the nefarious plot. Just as he was saying that to himself he heard a news helicopter buzz overhead… So the story was already out.  The panic inside the mall must already be crazy and SW Man hoped that no one had been hurt yet. As a civilian he had been to this mall countless times and he knew that there was an open-roofed food court. That seemed to be his best shot to gain access to the interior with all the ground floor entry ways blocked.

The helicopter would be just the diversion he needed to get himself on the roof and get into that food court. With its constant buzzing around the entrances trying to get good film for the news, it was causing the guards to pay more attention to the helicopters than the anything else around them. SW Man covertly crossed the parking lot and bolted up the side of a tree near the building. As quickly as you could say SW Man he was to the top of the tree and jumping to the mall roof. Thankfully, there were no sentinels patrolling the roof so his dash across went unseen.  He slowed his pace as he approached the opening.

The view into the courtyard was as he expected, many civilians sitting on the ground, clearly scared but not moving to ensure they didn’t catch the ire of the bad guys. SW Man spotted the black van that had been tailing the tank earlier parked to the side of a fountain.  They apparently brought the van straight into the mall. On the top of the cascading water fountain he saw an object that he determined had to be the bomb.  There were lights flashing on the device. Does that mean it is armed, or just turned on? He would need to get closer before he could know for sure, and there were a number of evil-doers standing between him and the device.

SW Man decided with the amazing blue sky behind him that the Supercede X8 would transform his costume to a great camouflage for entry. He slipped on the gloves and immediately the shades of sky blue color took over his outfit’s look. He leapt from the roof into the courtyard and used the Supercede X8’s elasticity ability to create wings like a flying squirrel to glide into the area. One of SW Man’s favorite things to do at home with the Supercede X8 was to stretch his arm through his house to grab a snack out of the kitchen without having to leave the comfort of his chair. Having a snack was not his concern at the moment even though he was in the food court and he could smell all the tasty food.

Before he could think of his next step he was spotted by one of the goons. SW Man realized he should really think up his plans before he proceeded with his grand entrances. A hail of gunfire flew in his direction as he landed on top of a coffee kiosk. Thankfully his Supercede X8 power allowed him to contort his body so that all the bullets harmlessly flew past him. “Don’t you guys understand that you will never succeed against me? I am a superhero for goodness sake!”

If bullets weren’t going to work, clearly these ruffians were going to try their hands at fisticuffs, as a number of them rushed SW Man. SW Man jumped down from the kiosk to engage his attackers.  He couldn’t help but smile as the came at him because he knew this wasn’t going to be a fair fight. Fists started flying from every angle, especially since his ability to stretch meant that he was punching guys in the back of the head who were 10 feet away from him. In just a matter of minutes the hooligans had either been knocked unconscious and lying on the ground, or stumbling away from SW Man.

Suddenly, SW Man was tackled from behind by what felt like a very large man. As he twisted his head around like a corkscrew he figured out it was, in fact, two men, twins!  The tall muscular blonde men looked like they were taken straight out of a modelling catalog, but that didn’t mean they weren’t dangerous. They jumped up as SW Man slithered out of their grasp like a snake and began running in circles around SW Man trying to take his attention away from each other to find an opportunity to attack.  “Stand still you twin weirdoes, you are making me dizzy!” These two were abnormally fast was all that SW Man could think trying to track them.

“That is just our plan” they said, alternating who spoke each other word. “You can’t fight the two of us simultaneously.” The two speaking together as one was a little too creepy for SW Man and he wanted to end this fight soon before he was further creeped out. SW Man reached out an arm to try to grab one, but the man jumped away from him with a few leaps and hand springs.

The next thing SW Man knew the other twin had jumped on this back again and was trying to strangle him.  SW Man’s attention went to removing this tick on his back, and before he knew it the other one was on his leg trying to pull him off his feet.  “Relentless little buggers aren’t you?” SW man said in a muffled voice as one of the twin’s arms covered his mouth.

SW Man inflated himself like a balloon so they no longer had anything to grab onto.  They slid off him, and before they could scamper away, SW Man flattened himself and had thrown himself over them like a blanket to wrap them up. “Now what do I do with you fools?” Suddenly, he heard a loud ticking coming from the fountain and SW Man knew the bomb had been activated. He hurried over to the machine to take a look.  The twins used this opportunity to run off. Thankfully, with all the commotion he had caused, all the civilians and thugs had fled to safety leaving him alone with the bomb.

SW Man got the front panel off the device revealing a tremendous amount of wires and a timer that had just reached 3 minutes until detonation. “Yeah this wasn’t going to be impossible already, but now I have 3 minutes to figure out how to disarm it. Where is the S.W.A.T. team when you actually need them? Ok, SW Man there has to be another way to take care of this.” He looked around for ideas, and noticed the two flag poles on opposite ends of the courtyard and a brilliant idea struck.  SW Man extended his arms to grab the top of each pole and held the bomb against his chest with his knees as his feet held onto the fountain.  He was going to slingshot this bomb into orbit where it couldn’t hurt anyone.  With the bomb ticking under a minute he released his hold on the fountain and he shot out toward the sky. As he hit his apex he released his hold of the bomb and he watched it fly off with the speed of a rocket into the sky.

Just like that SW Man had saved the day again and it was thanks to the Supercede X8.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to keep the twins around to question and he knew that he would be running into this organization again.  “I guess I better stock up on more SW Gloves and see what amazing abilities I can stop these guys with next time!”


Disclaimer:  This story is for entertainment purposes.  In no way will SW Brand Gloves give you super powers, but after you use them you may feel as though they do.


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