SW Man Issue #3 – Megaman

Sitting in his computer chair, SW Man is indistinguishable from any every day man. He is stroking the stubble on his chin as he scrolls through items on a website. “Man, there are so many revolutionary gloves on SWGloves.com! I can’t wait to try some of these new gloves out and see what I can do with them. The only thing nearly as exciting as new gloves is finding new accessories for my amazing outfit.”

“What is this?” A pop-up window jumps out at SW Man notifying him that there are nefarious goings-on happening. Unknown assailants have stolen a tank from the local military compound. Their destination and intentions are currently unknown, but presumed dastardly. It is believed this could be the same organization that previously infiltrated the port, halting commerce. More details will be made available as they come to light.

“I guess I will have to wait to look through these amazing gloves until later. There is work to do! I have never had to deal with a tank before.. this could be interesting.” SW Man takes such pleasure in crime fighting that a smile is on his face as he dons his trusty green and white outfit. He finished dressing with the exclamation point of his utility belt, which he gave a loving tap, and hustled out the door.

SW Man hopped into his reliable German-engineered automobile and was careful not to close the door on his cape this time (that was horribly embarrassing the time he had done that). He turned on his police scanner so he could track the pursuit of the tank and he put the pedal to the metal to meet these fiends. SW Man knew he was on the right track once he began seeing crushed vehicles that clearly a tank had run over. SW Man could see onlookers gaping in astonishment at the destruction and a few distraught citizens who were cursing loudly. They were obviously the owners of the cars that were now metal pancakes. Fortunately, they were not pancakes themselves was all SW Man could think as he drove past them. Maybe if his car was less non-descript, the people would know right away that he was there to save the day and could be more at ease. “That is something to work on for the future!”

As SW Man approached the vehicle of destruction he noticed a black van tailing the tank and he worried for their safety. He figured this was a news van just trying to best capture the story for the nightly news. SW Man began trying to figure out his best course of action. Stopping his car in front of the tank would just get his fine automobile flattened, so that wasn’t an option. “If only I had a self-driving car! Then I could heroically leap from my car on to the tank. Another idea for another day.”

SW Man decided that the trail of destruction was pretty much a straight line, so if he could just get far enough ahead of the tank he could safely park the car on a side street and run to meet the tank face to turret. SW Man accelerated past the vehicle of destruction and watched as the black van that was trailing the tank veered off onto a side street. “Whew, at least now they will be safe when I take down this machine that is causing such a ruckus, but they are going to miss the footage of me saving the day.”

The hero parked and proceeded to step in the path of the tank, which suddenly looked much bigger when he wasn’t in the safety of his car. Although, when it comes to dealing with a tank, a car isn’t really much safer. The turret of the tank fired a shot which whistled over his head and exploded a few yards behind him. The hero decided being a stationary target probably wasn’t the smartest choice and he began to spring to action zig-zagging with his shield in front of him. His shield was an amazing piece of equipment (and a stylish accessory to his costume), but he knew the chances of it really helping if a direct shot from that caliber round hit him was slim to none. At least his movements were seeming to make him harder to track, as he noticed the turret hadn’t fired again, but it was still tracking his every move… they

must have limited ammo he thought. “If I can just get close enough I can make that turret a non-threat. He pulled the Megaman gloves from his belt and knew they would be the key if he could just get close enough.

The gloves were on in a jiffy and he could feel the power move through him. His suit changed from the flamboyant green and white, to black with shades of gray to match with the Megaman gloves. “I love this cotton flock lining! Extra comfort while stopping crime is the best!”

Once SW Man narrowed the gap to about 10 feet he took a flying leap at the tank, landing on the hood next to the barrel of the turret. He gripped the barrel and began to bend it into the shape of a pretzel. The fully textured surface of the Megaman gloves made it so easy. These gloves were even better than he ever imagined they could be. He could hear angry, weaselly, curses emanating from inside the destructive rolling tin can and he decided it was time to investigate the interior and stop any additional carnage to his fair city.

SW Man posted himself above the entrance hatch, grabbed the handle, and yanked as hard as he could to open it. He fell backwards with the lid in his hands and he dropped it off the back of the tank as he scrambled for purchase to make sure he didn’t fall off the back as well. “Maybe next time I should check to see if they locked the hatch before I try to yank it to the moon.” There was still a learning curve to being a hero for SW Man with each new ability from the many SW gloves at his disposal.

He picked himself up and jumped in the hole he had created and came face to face with a scrawny fellow that looked more at place playing video games and drinking soda than driving a tank, but these days you never know. “What do you think you are doing?!”

The tiny man clearly was scared that he was shaking. When someone rips a steel hatch off a tank it can open your eyes a little. “Now you need to start talking or I am going to pretzel you as well little man!” SW Man really liked pretzels. All the man could do was nod his head. “Who do you work for? You don’t look like someone that would steal a tank on his own accord.”

His quivering voice made him barely audible and all he could hear was the word evil. Clearly this was going to be a dead end. “What were you planning to accomplish with this destructive joyride?” The man looked a little less afraid now and he straightened up from the corner he was cowering in.

“This was all a plan to distract you SW Man! After what happened the last time at the port we knew we needed a big diversion to keep you from our bigger scheme” he said, sounding proud of his organization’s villainous plot.

“And that is…?” SW Man said in a somewhat irritated tone.

“Ha ha ha you will never know SM Man!” the villain chuckled. SW Man was none too pleased with this response.

“You will make a pretty pretzel evildoer, but I can’t imagine it will be very comfortable for you.” Suddenly the man lost his resolve again, began to shake, and decided he better start talking before he became a human knot.

“I was escorting the black van carrying the chemical bomb and it is on its way to the Main Street Mall to be hidden so it will be set for us to make our demands.” This was not what SW Man needed to hear. He needed to hurry to the mall to save the day.

“I am done with you!” and he Megaman slapped the cad across the face, knocking him unconscious. Climbing out of the tank, SW Man punched a hole through the engine, disabling the machine. The military was not going to be happy about that, but at least the vehicle was incapacitated and wouldn’t do any further damage. He bolted towards his car. Time to save the day again…

Will our hero be able to find the bomb and save the day, or will the wretched organization finally get the upper hand? More importantly what glove will SW Man use to try to thwart this new threat? Check in next time to find out!

Disclaimer: This story is for entertainment purposes. In no way will SW Brand Gloves give you super powers, but after you use them you may feel as though they do.


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