Meet the Flockers

Recently we have been featuring a couple of our new SW Gloves product lines that have generated a lot of attention at our 2014 tradeshow runs. Aloe Tuff and Megaman, besides being amazing heavy duty gloves, have a special feature: Flock Lining. Although this may not be a brand new feature to the glove world, we think that you should be aware of a few of the benefits.

Let’s start at the beginning. Donning a glove can be easy or cumbersome under different conditions. Flock lined gloves increase the ease of putting on your gloves. The soft flock allows hands to slide fully into the glove with less resistance therefore creating less occurrences of tears.

Reducing unnecessary movement and discomfort is a key trait of any disposable glove. Hand fatigue is real, so the less strain that is placed on the hands and the more comfortable your hands are, so fatigue is less likely. With Flock lining efficiency can increase. Slipping is diminished, reducing hand adjustments and offering greater grip control.

Flock lining increases moisture absorption in the gloves and lowers hand perspiration. Nobody likes clammy, sweaty hands. Disposable gloves are notorious for this, and this is the answer.

So what the flock? How do you get your employees to be compliant with your safety equipment procedures and make the purchasing department happy? Flock lined gloves are like silk lined balloons for your hands, who wouldn’t love that? Flock lining also increases the durability of the glove, which means you can use less gloves, therefore you don’t have to buy as many! WIN WIN!

Gloves of a feather flock together! SW Gloves offers two different types of flocking. A dip flock which mixes the cotton into the nitrile lining, and a spray flock that blows the cotton pieces onto the lining after the dipping process. Spray flocking is more noticeable to the eye than dip flocking, but both are equally effective. So the right glove will come down to your end use and other glove features. For those requiring a medical grade glove with Flock Lining, our Hydrex glove line is the ONLY medical grade, flock lined glove on the market! It’s everything you want a glove to be – tactile, comfortable, and resilient. Our Megaman and Aloe Tuff gloves conquer the non-medical world with their durability, and shear toughness.

Check out SW Gloves other great lines and features on our website –​


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