Diabetes and Dental Diseases

Diabetes and Dental Diseases

Although good dental hygiene can help prevent many dental diseases it may not be enough if you suffer from diabetes. Gum disease is the most common oral disease that affects people with diabetes. Unfortunately, it is not the only one. Diabetes also makes you more susceptible to oral infections. Oral infections are caused by a group of germs that have settled in a specific area of the mouth. The symptoms of an oral infection can be quite painful, making it pretty obvious that something is wrong. If you are suffering from swollen gums and pus pockets that are red or white in color around a certain tooth or have constant pain in and around the mouth area, even spreading to the sinus area, chances are you are suffering from an oral infection and need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

Another type of infection that diabetics are prone to is thrush. This is a fungal infection that can be caused by high blood sugar and repeated antibiotic use. Thrush presents itself as white (or less often, red) patches found in the mouth that can lead to painful ulcers. Again, good dental hygiene will help to lessen the likelihood of getting thrush. If you suspect that you have thrush, see your dentist immediately.

Dry mouth is also a problem for diabetes sufferers. Some medications or high blood sugar can cause dry mouth, which can then lead to cavities. Since the mouth produces less saliva to wash out the germs and acids in your mouth, proper dental hygiene becomes more important for controlling germ buildup. Chewing sugar-free gum and drinking more fluids may help to alleviate the symptoms. If it persists, see your dentist for guidance.

As you now know, the dental hygiene advice you have been hearing for years actually makes a great deal of sense. Following a daily home dental care program and regular dental check-ups are critical for maintaining lifelong dental health and a beautiful smile.

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