Infection Control News

Does Your Dental Office Have a Plan Against Legionella?

With summer right around the corner when’s the last time you had your dental office’s air conditioning checked? Legionella Pneumophilia is a gram-negative bacterium that thrives at room temperature and is commonly found in air conditioning systems.

With the stream of daily patients coming in and out of dental practice the spread of Legionella is a real threat to the health of your employees and clients alike. Regulations in UK require that all business are required to undergo a Legionella risk assessment. For us in the US a simple office plan which includes the following maybe a good start:

  • A detailed schematic of the water system
  • An inspection of the system’s associated assets (tanks, heaters, sinks etc.)
  • A thorough inspection of air and heating units
  • Documented photographic evidence of potential risk areas.

(read more)

ADA Statement of Infection Control in Dental Settings

American Dental Association (ADA) reiterates the need for all dental practices and professionals to adhere to Dental Health Care Settings guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Preventions (CDC).

An example of best practices for infection control include the use of masks, gloves, surface disinfectants, and sterilizing reusable dental devices. (read more)

Musical Instruments Cause of Children Sickness

Chicago- Research has shown the correlation between playing a musical instrument leads to increasing a child’s intelligence, but playing a used instrument can be detrimental to a child’s health as well.

Testing of used woodwind and brass instruments resulted in the discovery of bacteria and fungi, many that are associated with minor to serious infections and allergic diseases, according to results from a recently published study in March/April 2011 issued of General Dentistry. (read more)

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