Infection Control News

Many VA dental employees lacked infection training

DAYTON — Many employees in the Dayton VA Medical Center’s dental clinic didn’t complete required infection control training annually, according to a VA Office of Inspector General review released Monday.

The dental clinic has been under intense scrutiny since last July, when two employees alerted inspectors to one of the clinic’s dentists, Dr. Dwight Pemberton. A subsequent VA investigation found Pemberton failed to change gloves and sterilize dental instruments between patients for more than 18 years, from January 1992 to July 2010. Pemberton retired in February at age 81. (read more)

Outliers: In defense of electronic faucets

News coming out the infection control community is running hot and cold on the issue of electronic faucets.

First there was the report from researchers at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore; a study found the hands-free faucets to be infected with the Legionella bacteria to a greater degree than their handled faucets. The researchers found that 50% of samples from electronic-eye faucets were infected with Legionella, but only 15% of water cultures from manual faucets were. (read more)

Iowa not regulating all outpatient surgery centers


Most surgical centers in Iowa face little state oversight, raising concerns by federal officials about rising infection rates they say are attributable to unsafe medical practices and a failure to follow basic patient-safety guidelines according to a published report.

Iowa’s 26 Medicare-certified ambulatory surgical centers are inspected once every three years, but there are an unknown number of centers that aren’t part of the Medicare system and do not get tracked or monitored by the federal government, The Des Moines Register reported for a story published Monday. The newspaper said Iowa doesn’t track them either because the state doesn’t require them to be licensed. (read more)

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