Continuing Education

Pearlescent Iris nitrile
Pearlescent Iris nitrile

Summer is coming to a close, thus bringing about our least favorite time of year: Back to School. Although this may be taking it way back for many of you, we can all remember the dread and anticipation of the first day of class. In keeping with this theme, educate yourself with an awesome article on glove selection basics!

ALSO, the good folks at SW would like you to remember:

– While nitrile is generally more chemical resistant than latex, there are some exceptions. Please refer to a chemical resistance chart to determine the optimal glove match for your protection needs.

* That means you nail professionals! Latex is your best bet, as nitrile has a poor resistance to acetone.

Check out our complete line of gloves, including the spiffy Pearlescent Iris nitrile shown above at 😀

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