SW Safety Solutions Inc. Welcomes New Management Team to Lead Strategic Business Initiatives

Customer-centric innovations at forefront of new entity

UNION CITY, Calif., Aug. 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Shen Wei USA, a leading provider of innovative, high-quality products used for hand protection in the healthcare and industrial markets, has hired two former Ansell executives, Thomas Draskovics and Bob Gaither, to lead the strategic direction of a new business entity, SW Safety Solutions (SWSS).

SW Safety Solutions Inc. Welcomes New Management Team to Lead Strategic Business Initiatives (PRNewsFoto/SW Safety Solutions)
SW Safety Solutions Inc. Welcomes New Management Team to Lead Strategic Business Initiatives (PRNewsFoto/SW Safety Solutions)

As an independent unit, SWSS will leverage Shen Wei USA’s more than 30 years of success in developing single-use gloves for barrier protection both on the inside and out, while focusing on strategic initiatives to expand total hand health innovations.

Belle Chou, SW Safety Solutions CEO and president, noted, “Good business is about taking care of your customer, a principle we’ve embraced for the past three decades. We pride ourselves on developing innovative products and on our integrity to form true partnerships in the industry.  This will continue at Shen Wei USA as well as at SWSS.”

Chou continued, “Protection, comfort, skin care and consistent performance—these are the concerns of our customers, so we’ve always geared our products to meet these needs. Tom and Bob genuinely share this vision of providing the best in customer service and continued innovation.”

Currently CMO at SWSS, Thomas Draskovics most recently served as president and general manager for Ansell’s specialty markets GBU (global business unit). He brings with him a long track record of successful business leadership and strategic marketing across a broad range of B-to-B industries.

During his tenure, Draskovics successfully lead the transformation and expansion of a global PPE (personal protection equipment) business through the introduction of innovative new products, new vertical development and strategic marketing and brand leadership.

Bob Gaither joined SWSS as CCO.  Previously, Gaither was senior vice president and regional director for North America at Ansell, where he amassed over 35 years of hand protection experience in the industrial and medical markets.

Gaither was also instrumental in leading the charge to enhance customer value by leveraging six sigma process and tools, capitalizing on key growth verticals as well as improving efficiencies and customer service.

SWSS, a privately-held, woman-owned company, has made a solid commitment to future innovation through research and development as well as expanding core competencies to ensure that reliable, safe hand protection for its users is at the forefront.

Chou continued, “Building out our hand health initiatives through SWSS means relying on our rich history of developing glove technologies that promote comfort, skin health and personal safety.  Combining this history with the deep industry knowledge both Tom and Bob possess puts SWSS in the ideal position to develop the next generation of reliable, trusted hand healthcare products.”

SW Safety Solution’s patented ACTIValoe® aloe vera-based interior glove lining that heals and moisturizes dry, chapped hands has been used in 11 billion gloves worldwide and its innovative pH 5.5 coating restores the user’s natural pH, reducing the risk of skin irritation.

For more information, please visit http://www.swsafety.com/about-us or call (510) 429-8692.

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About SW Safety Solutions
Offering trusted protection inside and out, SW Safety Solutions (SWSS) creates unique products that keep users safe, while making their lives easier.  Its innovative developments have changed the way people think, see and feel about disposable gloves.

A privately-held, woman-owned business, SWSS continues to grow its history of achievements and industry firsts. Most notably, the company invented the patented ACTIValoe® glove, which delivers an optimized preparation of Aloe Vera to the skin, and the proprietary pH Natural® 5.5 glove that helps to restore the skin’s healthy pH, reducing the risk of irritation.

SWSS has always been committed to creative innovation and outstanding customer service, revolutionizing the healthcare and industrial products industry.

The company is headquartered in Union City, California with five dedicated manufacturing facilities in China, all of which are in full compliance with cGMP and are ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and CE certified to ensure product quality.  More than 2,000 employees worldwide work diligently to provide reliable, superior quality SWSS products.

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Passionate About Exam Gloves?

At SW gloves we feel passion and an excitement about gloves. Latex gloves, nitrile gloves, and medical exam gloves … oh my. In truth, our passion actually lies behind the gloves, or rather, inside the gloves…to the wearer of those gloves; to the protection of the wearer. We find protecting the users of our gloves to be most fascinating. We work simply to make sure that our gloves are of the highest quality, feel the most comfortable and are delivered with the best customer service in the industry. We do so, always, with our customer in mind

On the surface, latex gloves would be something that would difficult to find any passion for. But at SW Gloves, we know that our gloves are just a means to an end. That end being the total protection of the very real people that choose to wear our gloves on a daily basis. Whether it’s our powder free latex exam gloves or our nitrile exam gloves, one will only find the highest tactile sensitivity and wet grip capabilities. Every one of our gloves is sent through vigorous quality control screening processes, ensuring allergy-free protection that stands up to a variety of harsh settings.

This passion has lead us to be the leading manufacturer of premium grade latex, nitrile and vinyl gloves. Always looking to improve on the usability of our gloves has lead us to bring new innovation to a product that is undeniably indispensable in the healthcare and manufacturing industries. Available in an array of materials, thicknesses, colors, sizes and coatings, the SW glove is also highly customizable.

Browse our online offerings to find just the glove needed by your staff. We hope that you can see and feel the passion that we bring to our products from your very first order.

A Drive to Protect as Best We Can

At SW Gloves, we are all about protection. Every single step of every single process to produce every single medical exam glove is done with one thought in mind: Protection. Protection against harmful materials or organics for both you and your patient and protection in high-risk environments. Our drive to protect influences every minute detail of everything we do here, and why we do it.

Our PowerForm™ line of latex and nitrile exam gloves proves that dedication to protection. With superior tensile strength and flexibility the PowerForm™ models provide exceptional barrier protection with its extended cuff length. They are ideal when extra precaution is needed in high-risk environments. Always extensively tested for quality assurance, each PowerForm™ glove not only passes the rigorous standards of SW Gloves but also exceeds the international standards of the ASTM, EN, ISO, and JIS. These gloves are the epitome of powder free latex exam gloves.

Believing your safety is our responsibility, we have been ardently focused on providing the protection that our clients have come to expect from us for 30 years now. We are the industry leader, and as such, strive to continue the commitment to creative innovation, superior products and outstanding customer service on a daily basis.

What is the Difference Between Latex Gloves and Nitrile Gloves

With the growing number of options available in the safety glove industry, it can be increasingly confusing as to which glove is good for what. We are consistently asked by both existing and potential customers about the differences between types of gloves and which ones are best. Though there are distinctive differences between latex exam gloves and nitrile exam gloves, other differences comes down to personal preference in fit and comfort.

Nitrile exam gloves are manufactured using nitrile rubber. Basically, nitrile is a synthetic rubber copolymer of acrylonitrile (ACN) and butadiene. Nitrile has been used in various industries that range from automotive and aeronautical to nuclear and of course the medical industry. Nitrile rubber has been shown to be more resistant to certain oils and acids than natural rubber but not as strong or flexible. It is a good option for those who experience allergies to latex options. Our soft nitrile material gloves are specially formulated to provide the comfort and flexibility of latex with the durability and chemical resistance experienced with nitrile gloves.

Protecting you, your staff and your patients is our passion here at SW Gloves and we strive to make sure that all of our products exceed international standards. All of our latex, nitrile and specialty gloves go through rigorous quality assurance procedures in order to ensure exceptionally clean and easy to don gloves.

SW is a leading manufacturer of premium grade latex, nitrile, and vinyl disposable examination gloves. Established in 1984, our commitment to creative innovation and outstanding customer service has revolutionized the healthcare products industry.

How Much Do You Know About Medical Exam Gloves?

How much do you really know about medical exam gloves? We realize that this is somewhat of an odd question given that most people would respond by asking “How much IS there to know?” Well, plenty actually. Though seemingly simple in design and function, exam gloves are deceptively complex. Various components and elements go into the engineering of a simple glove, whether it’s a nitrile exam glove or a powder free latex exam glove. Test your knowledge by taking this short pop quiz on SW Gloves.

  1. What type of coatings do we never use on our nitrile exam gloves?
  2. How many international quality standards do our medical exam gloves pass or exceed?
  3. How much aloe do we guarantee in our AloeVate exam gloves?
  4. How long has SW Gloves been manufacturing examination and other types of gloves?
  5. What method of product packing is SW Gloves credited with introducing?


Answers to the above quiz:

  1. We never use silicone polymer coatings on any of our nitrile gloves.
  2. Our products pass or exceed 8 different international quality standards including those of the ASTM, EN, ISO, and JIS.
  3. For comfort, we guarantee that each of our AloeVate gloves include at least 1 gram of aloe vera per glove.
  4. SW Gloves has been in business since 1984, providing the best in medical exam gloves for 20 years now.
  5. The PACK-RITE® method of product packaging was introduced by SW Gloves allowing the convenient and safe dispensing of gloves.


Hypersense S5Hypersense S5

Hypersense industrial gloves, made with soft, all-natural latex, provide a quality level of protection without sacrificing control. Hypersense gloves offer flexibility and a natural stretch for added comfort and are available in both powdered and powder-free versions.

Thickness-mil Finger Palm Cuff
4.7 4.3 3.0


  • Latex
  • Industrial Grade
  • Powder-Free



Hypersense X11+Hypersense X11+

A thicker, more durable exam glove from our popular Hypersense line, provides added protection for heavy-duty and high-risk work. Natural rubber latex offers a soft and flexible fit, and the gloves’ textured fingers provide increased grip in dry or wet conditions.

Thickness-mil Finger Palm Cuff
14.4 12.4 9.7


  • Latex
  • Medical Grade
  • Powder-Free
  • Extended Cuff 12″



SW Gloves’ new Hypersense line is manufactured with the highest quality standards in mind, providing you with an uncompromisingly supple glove, paired with incredible protection. The Hypersense line is latex, soft and flexible, and perfect for almost all applications. There are six different products, each with their own specifications. View our Hypersense collection, and contact a SW Glove Associate today to find the right glove for you.

SW Man Issue #5 – Hypersense

The screams of fear and excitement were all around, as well as, the other sounds that accompany amusement parks.  Our hero in his everyday alter ego was walking through the park enjoying watching all the children running around in excitement or pestering their parents to buy them some trinket, to play a game, or just for more junk food.  SW Man walked to the nearby food vendor to get himself a hot dog before he went on his next ride.  As he began eating his food he looked around for the next thrill ride.  He spotted it in the distance. A huge roller coaster called The Clown Colossus.  SW Man hated clowns, but he either ignored them or put up with them in this park because the rides were that great to him.

He stepped into line and saw the mix of fear and anticipation on the faces of the people occupying the queue.  Although the line wasn’t too long, he just hoped it would move quickly because he wanted to get as much roller coaster action as he could before he needed to leave.  SW Man was a thrill seeker, as noticed by his enthusiasm to become a superhero once he learned of his powers.

Before too long SW Man was at the front of the line and he could see the coaster cars approaching with the previous batch of riders returning.  He couldn’t help but laugh as he saw a woman rush out of the car once the safety harness retracted and smacked her guy in the shoulder and yell “You are a liar, it was much worse than you said it would be.  This is nothing like the rides at Wonder World.”

“Ha-ha what did you expect babe, this is a kid’s theme park.  You need to live a little and get your heart rate going and have some fun.  He laughed but she didn’t seem to hear or care as she was already storming away before he finished talking.  Not everyone was meant for the level of excitement of SW Man.  He knew it was going to be a long day for that poor guy.

As the safety harness came down and locked into place SW Man could hear screams coming from another section of the park and the coaster lurched forward and began its ascent out of the starting lodge.  As the park came into view SW Man noticed something very curious.  The visitors of the park were screaming and running in terror from something, but what?

The coaster reached its zenith and began crashing downward hitting the first of the three large loop-de-loops, but SW Man was no longer concerned with enjoying the ride.  Now he just wanted the ride to end so he could figure out what was creating the commotion from all the park visitors.  It was the longest ride of his life, even though the ride was over in a minute.  The coaster returned to the starting point and SW Man bolted out of the car as soon as it stopped to investigate the situation.

SW Man closed himself in a photo booth and removed his clothes revealing the white and green suit of SW Man underneath.  He took his shield from his backpack and pulled his cowl up and over his face and attached his cape of gloves to his back.  The screaming grew louder, and SW Man knew the danger must not be far.  He pulled on a pair of the Hypersense S5 gloves and instantly the greens of his outfit switched over to the natural white color of the gloves.

He stepped out of the booth and felt his senses heighten a hundred fold from the power of the Hypersense S5.  His hearing and vision immediately pointed him to the direction of the carnival section of the park. The closer he came the more the hairs on the back of his neck stood up.  Clearly his body was warning him about the presence of something sinister.  As he turned the corner he saw an evil looking clown laughing 50 yards from him. When the clown saw SW Man the laughter stopped and he ran away to a nearby building.  SW Man sensed the clown wasn’t expecting him this quickly.  SW Man ran to catch him as he realized that clown obviously had something to do with what was happening.  What WAS happening was all SW Man could think.  As much as he hated clowns he knew all the people in the park wouldn’t run from one clown.

As soon as he entered the building he regretted not looking at the sign on the outside of the building to see what source of entertainment this was.  He could see the clown everywhere he looked…The House of Mirrors… The only thing worse than seeing one clown is having to see many clowns. The clown laughed an evil cackle and his rubber nose and wig joggled, mocking the hero.  “Come get me SW Man! You will never stop us!”

“Us? Are there more of you clowns running around?”  SW Man said with a slight hint of terror in his voice.

“No, I am the only clown unless you didn’t mean that literally.  In which case there are no clowns in our organization.  We finally have a scheme to stop you SW Man!” The confidence was ringing out in his voice.

“Oh, it’s you guys again.  In that case I meant it literally and figuratively.  I really should predict these things now. What grand scheme are you hatching this time?” SW Man walked and talked his way through the maze of mirrors trying to track down the true clown.

Well, you will have to find the way out to see.” At this point SW Man was becoming annoyed dealing with the clown and he decided to use the industrial grade Hypersense S5 to start smashing the clown imaged mirrors and suddenly the clown’s smiling face turned toward a look of fear. SW Man started to feel a little bit better smashing the clown even if it was just a reflection. Suddenly the reflections of the clown disappeared and SW Man knew the clown made it to an exit. Before long, SW Man found the exit with a trail of broken glass in his wake.

Outside he heard a woman scream and he looked around to locate her.  Hiding inside a cage of a nearby ride was a woman and on the outside was a monstrous spider trying to find a way into the cage to get to its prey.  The spider had to be nearly 10 feet tall but it wasn’t the typical brown or black coloration of normal spiders, this one had translucent green legs and a solid green torso.  When SW Man approached the spider turned towards him, and horror struck him.  Not only was this a massive spider (which SW Man hated), but it had a large body segment above the spiders actual face that looked like that of a clown. “A clown Spider?!!! That is a combination of the two things that I hate the most!  How did this atrocity come to be?!”

“You have never heard of the happy face spider? Well, we made some genetic modifications to have it better suit our needs.”

“You guys really are terrorists! The world doesn’t need things like this!” SW Man was having trouble figuring out the best way to deal with this vile creature when a strand of webbing flew in his direction. He narrowly dodged out of the way and his head cleared as he was ducking behind a popcorn and cotton candy cart.  He needed the Hypersense X11+!! As that thought occurred to him his protection began flying away from him.  The spider had webbed it and pulled it out of the way, smashing it into a nearby carousel.

SW Man quickly pulled off the Hypersense S5 and pulled on the Hypersense X11+. The costume transformed to the blue of the gloves. “Thank goodness for the extended cuff of these gloves.  This clown spider gives me the heebie-jeebies.”

Another web line shot in his direction, but this time SW Man let it hit him in the chest and he began to pull.  The strength of the Hypersense X11+ allowed him to match the power of the enormous spider. The tug-o-war was a stalemate and SW Man tried to decide a better course of action to eliminate this threat. “Bingo!” SW Man began to run at the spider holding the web.  The spider became confused at this action as it wasn’t expecting its food to come to it. He leapt over the spider and began to wrap the spider up zig zagging between its legs and dodging its fangs.  Before the spider realized it SW Man pulled the web and knotted the spider’s legs together.  It fell over and hit the ground with a heavy thud.

The threat had been eliminated. SW Man had realized the creepy clown had left, living to fight another day. “You are going to make a lovely science experiment in some lab you abomination” SW Man said to the spider admiring his hog tying of the spider.

SW Man rushed over to the cage to help the woman out.  The sense of relief overwhelmed the woman as she realized she was safe. She planted a huge kiss on his lips and SW Man blushed.  It even appeared that his outfit took on a deeper shade of blue as if the costume blushed with him.  “Thank you SW Man!”

“You are welcome ma’am!  I love my job!”

Just like that SW Man had saved the day again and it was thanks to the Hypersense X11+, and the Hypersense S5.  SW Man knew he would see that clown again.  This organization really meant business and the fact that they would dare bring a clown spider to do their dirty work meant they would stop at nothing to achieve their schemes.  Thankfully, the SW gloves were always up to the task!

Disclaimer:  This story is for entertainment purposes.  In no way will SW Brand Gloves give you super powers, but after you use them you may feel as though they do.

SW Man Issue #4 – Supercede X8

Last we left our hero he had dispatched a mad man in a tank using the Megaman gloves, only to discover that it had been a diversion from the bigger plot from the unnamed organization. SW Man learned that the scheme was to plant a chemical bomb at the Main Street Mall, but to what end? The questions were spinning through his head as he sped to the shopping center. Are they planning to blow it up and cause chaos in his town? Are they planning a hostage scenario with this bomb?  SW Man needed to figure this out and soon.

SW Man zoomed in and out of traffic, doing his best to get there before it was too late. His approach answered one of his questions. He could see large black vehicles blocking entrances along the mall. Clearly they would not be blowing up the bomb with all their men in such close proximity. SW Man could only imagine what was happening inside, but he needed to find a way in to try to end the nefarious plot. Just as he was saying that to himself he heard a news helicopter buzz overhead… So the story was already out.  The panic inside the mall must already be crazy and SW Man hoped that no one had been hurt yet. As a civilian he had been to this mall countless times and he knew that there was an open-roofed food court. That seemed to be his best shot to gain access to the interior with all the ground floor entry ways blocked.

The helicopter would be just the diversion he needed to get himself on the roof and get into that food court. With its constant buzzing around the entrances trying to get good film for the news, it was causing the guards to pay more attention to the helicopters than the anything else around them. SW Man covertly crossed the parking lot and bolted up the side of a tree near the building. As quickly as you could say SW Man he was to the top of the tree and jumping to the mall roof. Thankfully, there were no sentinels patrolling the roof so his dash across went unseen.  He slowed his pace as he approached the opening.

The view into the courtyard was as he expected, many civilians sitting on the ground, clearly scared but not moving to ensure they didn’t catch the ire of the bad guys. SW Man spotted the black van that had been tailing the tank earlier parked to the side of a fountain.  They apparently brought the van straight into the mall. On the top of the cascading water fountain he saw an object that he determined had to be the bomb.  There were lights flashing on the device. Does that mean it is armed, or just turned on? He would need to get closer before he could know for sure, and there were a number of evil-doers standing between him and the device.

SW Man decided with the amazing blue sky behind him that the Supercede X8 would transform his costume to a great camouflage for entry. He slipped on the gloves and immediately the shades of sky blue color took over his outfit’s look. He leapt from the roof into the courtyard and used the Supercede X8’s elasticity ability to create wings like a flying squirrel to glide into the area. One of SW Man’s favorite things to do at home with the Supercede X8 was to stretch his arm through his house to grab a snack out of the kitchen without having to leave the comfort of his chair. Having a snack was not his concern at the moment even though he was in the food court and he could smell all the tasty food.

Before he could think of his next step he was spotted by one of the goons. SW Man realized he should really think up his plans before he proceeded with his grand entrances. A hail of gunfire flew in his direction as he landed on top of a coffee kiosk. Thankfully his Supercede X8 power allowed him to contort his body so that all the bullets harmlessly flew past him. “Don’t you guys understand that you will never succeed against me? I am a superhero for goodness sake!”

If bullets weren’t going to work, clearly these ruffians were going to try their hands at fisticuffs, as a number of them rushed SW Man. SW Man jumped down from the kiosk to engage his attackers.  He couldn’t help but smile as the came at him because he knew this wasn’t going to be a fair fight. Fists started flying from every angle, especially since his ability to stretch meant that he was punching guys in the back of the head who were 10 feet away from him. In just a matter of minutes the hooligans had either been knocked unconscious and lying on the ground, or stumbling away from SW Man.

Suddenly, SW Man was tackled from behind by what felt like a very large man. As he twisted his head around like a corkscrew he figured out it was, in fact, two men, twins!  The tall muscular blonde men looked like they were taken straight out of a modelling catalog, but that didn’t mean they weren’t dangerous. They jumped up as SW Man slithered out of their grasp like a snake and began running in circles around SW Man trying to take his attention away from each other to find an opportunity to attack.  “Stand still you twin weirdoes, you are making me dizzy!” These two were abnormally fast was all that SW Man could think trying to track them.

“That is just our plan” they said, alternating who spoke each other word. “You can’t fight the two of us simultaneously.” The two speaking together as one was a little too creepy for SW Man and he wanted to end this fight soon before he was further creeped out. SW Man reached out an arm to try to grab one, but the man jumped away from him with a few leaps and hand springs.

The next thing SW Man knew the other twin had jumped on this back again and was trying to strangle him.  SW Man’s attention went to removing this tick on his back, and before he knew it the other one was on his leg trying to pull him off his feet.  “Relentless little buggers aren’t you?” SW man said in a muffled voice as one of the twin’s arms covered his mouth.

SW Man inflated himself like a balloon so they no longer had anything to grab onto.  They slid off him, and before they could scamper away, SW Man flattened himself and had thrown himself over them like a blanket to wrap them up. “Now what do I do with you fools?” Suddenly, he heard a loud ticking coming from the fountain and SW Man knew the bomb had been activated. He hurried over to the machine to take a look.  The twins used this opportunity to run off. Thankfully, with all the commotion he had caused, all the civilians and thugs had fled to safety leaving him alone with the bomb.

SW Man got the front panel off the device revealing a tremendous amount of wires and a timer that had just reached 3 minutes until detonation. “Yeah this wasn’t going to be impossible already, but now I have 3 minutes to figure out how to disarm it. Where is the S.W.A.T. team when you actually need them? Ok, SW Man there has to be another way to take care of this.” He looked around for ideas, and noticed the two flag poles on opposite ends of the courtyard and a brilliant idea struck.  SW Man extended his arms to grab the top of each pole and held the bomb against his chest with his knees as his feet held onto the fountain.  He was going to slingshot this bomb into orbit where it couldn’t hurt anyone.  With the bomb ticking under a minute he released his hold on the fountain and he shot out toward the sky. As he hit his apex he released his hold of the bomb and he watched it fly off with the speed of a rocket into the sky.

Just like that SW Man had saved the day again and it was thanks to the Supercede X8.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to keep the twins around to question and he knew that he would be running into this organization again.  “I guess I better stock up on more SW Gloves and see what amazing abilities I can stop these guys with next time!”


Disclaimer:  This story is for entertainment purposes.  In no way will SW Brand Gloves give you super powers, but after you use them you may feel as though they do.

Meet the Flockers

Recently we have been featuring a couple of our new SW Gloves product lines that have generated a lot of attention at our 2014 tradeshow runs. Aloe Tuff and Megaman, besides being amazing heavy duty gloves, have a special feature: Flock Lining. Although this may not be a brand new feature to the glove world, we think that you should be aware of a few of the benefits.

Let’s start at the beginning. Donning a glove can be easy or cumbersome under different conditions. Flock lined gloves increase the ease of putting on your gloves. The soft flock allows hands to slide fully into the glove with less resistance therefore creating less occurrences of tears.

Reducing unnecessary movement and discomfort is a key trait of any disposable glove. Hand fatigue is real, so the less strain that is placed on the hands and the more comfortable your hands are, so fatigue is less likely. With Flock lining efficiency can increase. Slipping is diminished, reducing hand adjustments and offering greater grip control.

Flock lining increases moisture absorption in the gloves and lowers hand perspiration. Nobody likes clammy, sweaty hands. Disposable gloves are notorious for this, and this is the answer.

So what the flock? How do you get your employees to be compliant with your safety equipment procedures and make the purchasing department happy? Flock lined gloves are like silk lined balloons for your hands, who wouldn’t love that? Flock lining also increases the durability of the glove, which means you can use less gloves, therefore you don’t have to buy as many! WIN WIN!

Gloves of a feather flock together! SW Gloves offers two different types of flocking. A dip flock which mixes the cotton into the nitrile lining, and a spray flock that blows the cotton pieces onto the lining after the dipping process. Spray flocking is more noticeable to the eye than dip flocking, but both are equally effective. So the right glove will come down to your end use and other glove features. For those requiring a medical grade glove with Flock Lining, our Hydrex glove line is the ONLY medical grade, flock lined glove on the market! It’s everything you want a glove to be – tactile, comfortable, and resilient. Our Megaman and Aloe Tuff gloves conquer the non-medical world with their durability, and shear toughness.

Check out SW Gloves other great lines and features on our website – http://www.SWGloves.com​

SW Man Issue #3 – Megaman

Sitting in his computer chair, SW Man is indistinguishable from any every day man. He is stroking the stubble on his chin as he scrolls through items on a website. “Man, there are so many revolutionary gloves on SWGloves.com! I can’t wait to try some of these new gloves out and see what I can do with them. The only thing nearly as exciting as new gloves is finding new accessories for my amazing outfit.”

“What is this?” A pop-up window jumps out at SW Man notifying him that there are nefarious goings-on happening. Unknown assailants have stolen a tank from the local military compound. Their destination and intentions are currently unknown, but presumed dastardly. It is believed this could be the same organization that previously infiltrated the port, halting commerce. More details will be made available as they come to light.

“I guess I will have to wait to look through these amazing gloves until later. There is work to do! I have never had to deal with a tank before.. this could be interesting.” SW Man takes such pleasure in crime fighting that a smile is on his face as he dons his trusty green and white outfit. He finished dressing with the exclamation point of his utility belt, which he gave a loving tap, and hustled out the door.

SW Man hopped into his reliable German-engineered automobile and was careful not to close the door on his cape this time (that was horribly embarrassing the time he had done that). He turned on his police scanner so he could track the pursuit of the tank and he put the pedal to the metal to meet these fiends. SW Man knew he was on the right track once he began seeing crushed vehicles that clearly a tank had run over. SW Man could see onlookers gaping in astonishment at the destruction and a few distraught citizens who were cursing loudly. They were obviously the owners of the cars that were now metal pancakes. Fortunately, they were not pancakes themselves was all SW Man could think as he drove past them. Maybe if his car was less non-descript, the people would know right away that he was there to save the day and could be more at ease. “That is something to work on for the future!”

As SW Man approached the vehicle of destruction he noticed a black van tailing the tank and he worried for their safety. He figured this was a news van just trying to best capture the story for the nightly news. SW Man began trying to figure out his best course of action. Stopping his car in front of the tank would just get his fine automobile flattened, so that wasn’t an option. “If only I had a self-driving car! Then I could heroically leap from my car on to the tank. Another idea for another day.”

SW Man decided that the trail of destruction was pretty much a straight line, so if he could just get far enough ahead of the tank he could safely park the car on a side street and run to meet the tank face to turret. SW Man accelerated past the vehicle of destruction and watched as the black van that was trailing the tank veered off onto a side street. “Whew, at least now they will be safe when I take down this machine that is causing such a ruckus, but they are going to miss the footage of me saving the day.”

The hero parked and proceeded to step in the path of the tank, which suddenly looked much bigger when he wasn’t in the safety of his car. Although, when it comes to dealing with a tank, a car isn’t really much safer. The turret of the tank fired a shot which whistled over his head and exploded a few yards behind him. The hero decided being a stationary target probably wasn’t the smartest choice and he began to spring to action zig-zagging with his shield in front of him. His shield was an amazing piece of equipment (and a stylish accessory to his costume), but he knew the chances of it really helping if a direct shot from that caliber round hit him was slim to none. At least his movements were seeming to make him harder to track, as he noticed the turret hadn’t fired again, but it was still tracking his every move… they

must have limited ammo he thought. “If I can just get close enough I can make that turret a non-threat. He pulled the Megaman gloves from his belt and knew they would be the key if he could just get close enough.

The gloves were on in a jiffy and he could feel the power move through him. His suit changed from the flamboyant green and white, to black with shades of gray to match with the Megaman gloves. “I love this cotton flock lining! Extra comfort while stopping crime is the best!”

Once SW Man narrowed the gap to about 10 feet he took a flying leap at the tank, landing on the hood next to the barrel of the turret. He gripped the barrel and began to bend it into the shape of a pretzel. The fully textured surface of the Megaman gloves made it so easy. These gloves were even better than he ever imagined they could be. He could hear angry, weaselly, curses emanating from inside the destructive rolling tin can and he decided it was time to investigate the interior and stop any additional carnage to his fair city.

SW Man posted himself above the entrance hatch, grabbed the handle, and yanked as hard as he could to open it. He fell backwards with the lid in his hands and he dropped it off the back of the tank as he scrambled for purchase to make sure he didn’t fall off the back as well. “Maybe next time I should check to see if they locked the hatch before I try to yank it to the moon.” There was still a learning curve to being a hero for SW Man with each new ability from the many SW gloves at his disposal.

He picked himself up and jumped in the hole he had created and came face to face with a scrawny fellow that looked more at place playing video games and drinking soda than driving a tank, but these days you never know. “What do you think you are doing?!”

The tiny man clearly was scared that he was shaking. When someone rips a steel hatch off a tank it can open your eyes a little. “Now you need to start talking or I am going to pretzel you as well little man!” SW Man really liked pretzels. All the man could do was nod his head. “Who do you work for? You don’t look like someone that would steal a tank on his own accord.”

His quivering voice made him barely audible and all he could hear was the word evil. Clearly this was going to be a dead end. “What were you planning to accomplish with this destructive joyride?” The man looked a little less afraid now and he straightened up from the corner he was cowering in.

“This was all a plan to distract you SW Man! After what happened the last time at the port we knew we needed a big diversion to keep you from our bigger scheme” he said, sounding proud of his organization’s villainous plot.

“And that is…?” SW Man said in a somewhat irritated tone.

“Ha ha ha you will never know SM Man!” the villain chuckled. SW Man was none too pleased with this response.

“You will make a pretty pretzel evildoer, but I can’t imagine it will be very comfortable for you.” Suddenly the man lost his resolve again, began to shake, and decided he better start talking before he became a human knot.

“I was escorting the black van carrying the chemical bomb and it is on its way to the Main Street Mall to be hidden so it will be set for us to make our demands.” This was not what SW Man needed to hear. He needed to hurry to the mall to save the day.

“I am done with you!” and he Megaman slapped the cad across the face, knocking him unconscious. Climbing out of the tank, SW Man punched a hole through the engine, disabling the machine. The military was not going to be happy about that, but at least the vehicle was incapacitated and wouldn’t do any further damage. He bolted towards his car. Time to save the day again…

Will our hero be able to find the bomb and save the day, or will the wretched organization finally get the upper hand? More importantly what glove will SW Man use to try to thwart this new threat? Check in next time to find out!

Disclaimer: This story is for entertainment purposes. In no way will SW Brand Gloves give you super powers, but after you use them you may feel as though they do.